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How to make a Mirror of Elive

ISOs Mirror

If you have a server and would like to mirror Elive ISOs, you are more than welcome!


The synchronization of the ISO repository is made by rsync+ssh. This means that all is required is ssh login access, and to have rsync installed.

It is also required, of course, to have a subdomain created that points to a specific dir (this dir is your choice), like or, it is not really important what you name it, just have them ready :)

Also, think about what you want to have in the Thanks to and Server Name for the list of mirrors, check this example

When you have all this ready, just send an email to Thanatermesis with the details (ssh login details, subdomain, etc)

Extra Requeriments

It is basically needed a ssh login and rsync installed, but if you can, please directly the public ssh key (ssh login will be made with the ssh key, not directly with password), the public key that you need to add in .ssh/authorized_keys is:

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABIwAAAQEAxqHQJ+NK4mXKlCPnrdT8JevzUIByJ9Q70bJ+kweHnKTsWHbPbU0JpvEW6vx9GiQT5GReZ0WpTxu3vRPhY3oi26MjR4AZHDTyjasM44UYE95xq0t6qpWg+c3DoOIwC65tjwWgAHGdDDIPC4CplwuPi3ejGrFJn0Bu/CF2bMvJ8NwlICQlgND0iyne5ezBhYDmrXU1C1YiMBReXj0BS+ewIsS5iRIBgtnN3MaOY5ROXYilZSXWl1vQPnzfuvDPIXMXTjmpF1ZJQsNn1LUA2NiuVvWH2pcgLD2TcdAjsTFhvUF8+RqBRow0pIPlei06exOi21gP75+Tm5XSxUs3yikXkw== elive@zatara

Space and Bandwith

We don't have actual download numbers, but keep in mind that if you don't have one of these supa-nice-bandwidth that you will never use that much, just forget the idea. There are many downloads of the ISOs. Do not be scared, the max. bandwidth used for icedslash in a month was 150 gb

The size needed to store the ISOs will vary, though it has never been more than 5gb (think about some isos in a directory), but if the limit is set to 10gb that would be nice :)

You should have a control of your bandwith usage, it is your responsability to control it if you have any limit of bandwith set on your provider, you can set a limit to your domain configuration if you like, or watch stats, and in case that you are near to pass any limit, you must contact Thanatermesis inmediately

Repository Mirror

There you will need a lot more storage space. The repository is approx. 50 gb. If you have a very good host with very good speed and very good bandwith you will be able to mirror the repository too :). The only real requirement of this is that you maintain a long-time host. We do not want to have to change the 'sources.list' in the future due to a broken repository that will not connect anymore (in any case, it could be fixed by changing the DNS)

The special requirement of this is that you will be able to add a subdomain of a domain that you don't own, for example, you don't own the domain but your mirror needs to accept this address in order to understand the redirect from the real domain.

Actually we have these two ones:

  • US - (Los Angeles): By the Elive Servers
  • Europe - (France): By Icedslash