How to make a Mirror for Elive


  • Size: The actual size used for the ISOs are around 7.6 GB of disk space, let's say we don't reach 20GB, but it is good to have at least 20GB of disk space available, we have some bursts when syncing the ISOs.
  • Method: The synchronization of the ISO repository is automatically managed using rsync+ssh. So we simply need an ssh user login access and to have rsync installed.
  • Web link: It is also required, to have a sub-domain created that points to a specific directory (the dir of your choice), like, it is not really important what name you use for it, just make sure that it works and that it points to the specific directories where we will put the ISOs.

The selection of the Mirror from our website is automatically based in your IP location and balanced, unfortunately if you want to have a Thanks To message we don't have it any more since the Download button gives the ISO automatically, but if it is something you really want and we should really included it, let us know and we will try to create a specific page for that.

When you have all this ready or you have any question, just send an email to #Thanatermesis 4t gmail with the details (ssh login details, subdomain, etc). After the completion of the first sync test the repository will be synced to your mirror :)

Setup Configuration

Create an user, with a public web link that points to the $HOME/public_html/isos/ directory, login to that user and run this ready-to-use command on the login shell (it will create a new SSH Key and then append our public key to the Authorized keys), basically just hit enter until you have your shell prompted back:

echo 'ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABIwAAAQEAk45j0yfCnHcyi6EKy/tnUOfUKMMeVf1rc/nRPratslLwVVr+bCqjS/KVc5si+8yGsCxQzow2TC3hlymvyxVZhA0Q17G87UQb61nLeG9sl45LyPg5gqLYZUoxaxjT/L/T5XkqpfXhXle5ix0metdSh0sZHMnfhRvMXOAkQHY7YBWMkh9TOLu45GiUW2XKDSZjEWV0NeR06r66KspqsV5jR6HCZ9iQDMoya/6HdTqNDqpza+qqAcHvXCWAbAgr95PXDbSM1KIS9KCRebHVka1437kCU3vrwXKBIb0OF0Rnseqs4icTu2xnu74H2/+uM/C+o4f2QFjJM/CwlQ0w2kL2+Q== elivewebsites@zatara' >> "$HOME/.ssh/authorized_keys"

hint: from your terminal logged in that user, just select all the text with your mouse and press the middle-click mouse button in your terminal for paste it directly on the running terminal

Extra Notes

If you have a bandwidth limit by your hosting, it is your responsibility to control it or to set any limit