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  1. ListDevelopmentRequired: List of Required Development
  2. HowtoBugBuster: How to be a Good Bug Buster (beta-tester)
  3. HowtoCDBS: What is
  4. HowtoCollaborate
  5. HowtoEFL: Development with EFL and tips & tricks
  6. HowtoGoodProgrammingTechniques: This is a list of some programming tips that I found or brainstormed …
  7. HowtoMirrors: How to make a Mirror for Elive
  8. HowtoSVN: How to use SVN
  9. HowtoTranslators: How to make Translations in Elive
  10. ExamplesEFL: Examples of Codes for EFL
  11. ExamplesEmodules: Examples of Codes for Emodules
  12. SummaryEFL: EINA
  13. SummaryRuby
  14. ResumedC: Comments



On this website you can: comment in tickets/tasks, browse source code, modify source code (patch, features, bugfix, etc), edit the contents of the site, see the changes, the timeline/roadmap for the next stable version, and especially, collaborate with the remaining tasks for the next release.


If you are a translator, please read carefully our HowtoTranslators page that explains how to use your translator account, how to send your translations, tips & tricks, and specially some important points to know


To have a collaborator account, just send your knowledges from our form and we will review it, then we will create you a login account to this website that allow you to write/modify tickets, pages, etc... to have access to the svn you need to request it (see next section)

You need to read this HowtoCollaborate

If you feel bored, you can take a look at our list of things required: ListDevelopmentRequired

Code / SVN Access

We don't want to give free RW access to everybody to the SVN repository, for that, if you think that you can collaborate with things that are in the source:, just enter in the #elive-dev channel of the freenode servers (click in the chat icon of your Elive dock and type /j #elive-dev) and request it personally

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