A reward mark in the tickets means that if you like, you can collaborate with some specific things in exchange of money, I think that is a good way to promote that make money with free software doesn't come from the hell like some users may think, also, what do you think that the money made with the stable version of Elive is for ?

There's an important things to know before to proceed with a reward job:

  • You must contact Thanatermesis before to start
  • All the payments will be made with paypal, so you must have a paypal account that is able to receive payments (some country's doesn't allow that)
  • The code (or the job requested) needs to be minimaly clean, stable, and correct, if the code is ugly made, buggy-prone, or using crappy methods, will be not accepted
  • If you are worried about if your code will be accepted or not (so if you will be payed for do this kind of job) you must contact the main developer to make any question that you may have, we are not extremely strict about the code quality but if you are an Elive user then you must understand that Elive requires some minimaly quality things :)
  • Documented: comments doesn't hurt anybody, you should put comments in your code in order to know what does where and how, basically, in your functions in order to know what does every function (and values passed, returned, etc) and in any part of the code that will look a bit complex with something simple to understand like trying to obtain the foo environment variable by generating a fake state of bar...

You must be familiarized with the language or API of the reward that you want to do, for example, with a reward that has a value of 10 $ means that you can do it in less than 10 minutes, but if you are not familiarized it can take you even a full day, so don't be masochist :), by other side is a good way to learn and you can found on this site some nice interesting howto's

How to search Rewards

You just need to put the word REWARD in the search button of this site, check to display only tickets, you need only to be sure that a ticket is Opened and not Closed, or you must do a work for nothing, you are welcome to add a comment on the ticket saying that you are working on it or your actual process, so that other persons will know that there's already somebody doing it or maybe is interessed to contact you by a possible collaboration, etc...

You can talk/comment directly on the ticket, that's the tickets for :), if you don't have an account to this site you can request it to , if you have any question or problem, contact Thanatermesis

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