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New Website

This Website has totally changed!

The idea of this website now is that to automatically create accounts to the collaborator users (see the form in so they can be directly involved in the project


This website want's to work on this way (Actual idea):

  • Anonymous users (any user without login)
  • Authenticated users (any user with an automatic account created from the form of Collaborators in the Elive website)
  • Developer users (users that requests a SVN access)
    • SVN: RW (it is managed by groups, so it will be have access to the things that he will want to have)
      • Note: This developer users are a bit tricky thing... if this website is mean to a place where the users want to collaborate and feel involved directly, they can't do anything (modify the source code, with bugfixes or features) unless they request to be on this group and to have these permissions.
        • How they will send any patch or something like that if they can't have access to the SVN ? we should need to found a way, a way that they send a patch or something like that and that we know about it, a system for that
    • Milestone/Roadmap?: RW ?

Completed ?

No, I have not finished to set up this website yet, Im brainstorming basically about which permissions to give to them, also is possible to create groups... Ideas ? Suggeriments ? please enter in #elive-dev and give us your ideas !

Old Website

The old website is totally removed, there's nothing interesting on it (except a few howtos), by other side the svn repository still working (will be cleaned up in the future)